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Date Docket Description
4/7/10 440 Second Amended Plan
4/7/10 441 Amended Disclosure Statement
5/11/10 469

Technical amendments to second amended joint plan of reorganization of Hestia Holdings, LLC and its affiliated debtors and debtors-in-possession

5/17/10 476 Final Confirmation Order
5/12/10 473 Final Amended Joint Plan of Reorganization of Hestia Holdings, LLC and its Affiliated Debtors and Debtors-In-Possession with Technical Admendments Incorporated


Roma Foods of Oklahoma, Inc.


On May 11,2009 Roma Foods of Oklahoma, Inc., and several affiliated companies filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. Listed below are the various companies that are a part of those filings. By clicking on their respective names below you will be directed to all filings and forms associated with the bankruptcy proceedings for that company. These filings and forms can be printed for your files or for your use.


Company Name Court Case Number
Roma Foods of Oklahoma, Inc. OKWB 09-12488 [RLB]
Hestia Holdings, LLC OKWB 09-12497
Eateries, Inc. OKWB 09-12499
Best Restaurants, LLC OKWB 09-12501
Best Restaurants II, LLC OKWB 09-12502
Fiesta Holdings, Inc. OKWB 09-12503
Fiesta Holdings, LLC OKWB 09-12505
Fiesta Fulton Ranch, LLC OKWB 09-12506
Garcia's-Mills, LLC OKWB 09-12507
GRP of Fayetteville, LLC OKWB 09-12510
GRP of Fort Smith, LLC OKWB 09-12511
GRP of Harrisburg, LLC OKWB 09-12512
GRP of Muskogee, LLC OKWB 09-12513
Eateries of MD, LLC OKWB 09-12514
Eateries Inc. of West Virginia OKWB 09-12516